About Us

Objects and Purposes

  1. ‚ÄčTo promote a Beneficial public image of the locksmith profession especially within the state of Vermont.
  2. To offer continuing educational, ethical and vocational programs to its members.
  3. To continue and further promote the establishing and maintaining of a high level of professional ethics, integrity, ability and training in the locksmithing profession.
  4. To disseminate information regarding the locksmithing profession and to educate the people of Vermont in the ways the locksmith profession can assist them in providing a high degree of security and protection for themselves, their property and for their visitors.
  5. To provide a means for promoting the self-regulation of locksmiths in the State of Vermont.
  6. Membership Eligibility Any Locksmith residing in the state of Vermont or adjacent states, their employees or apprentices or manufacturers or distributors of locksmith tools and supplies may become a member of the association, upon application and acceptance by the Association and by a payment of the established dues.
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